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No Man’s Sky Foundation Update

No Man's Sky Foundation Update

Hello Games have announced the Foundation Update which they hope might just appease some of the criticism surrounding No Man’s Sky.

This update adds some much needed meat to the game including the ability to build bases on abandoned outposts which can be upgraded with new housing, hydroponics, research, and storage buildings. If all goes well, alien settlers will arrive who will bring their own skills to your new society.

Another big part of this update is the inclusion of freighters which, whilst hugely expensive, will enable players to transport items across the galaxies and even grow crops as you travel.

Items can now be stacked up to 5 times per inventory item meaning you can now carry more than before.

The final part of the Foundation Update is Survival Mode which promises to transform the relatively sedate pace of the game into something that promises to challenge and frustrate. Expect fewer resources and stronger, braver adversaries.

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